Doctors Without Borders closing the borders on Pre-Med students

Doctors Without Borders closing the borders on Pre-Med students

Doctors Without Borders is the ultimate stepping stone for prospective doctors looking to pave a fruitful medicine future. It is the dream of every pre-med and pre-pa student looking to make their stamp in the world. Doctors Without Borders provides health support to people affected by natural disasters, pandemics, war, and poor health care systems. These budding doctors get the chance to be on the front line during a crisis and travel all over the world, making a big impact on communities that are marginalised and mistreated.

But unlike everything popular, it is tough for every promising medical student to be eligible for the coveted medical organization. Therefore, it is essential for pre-medical students to consider different options for choosing a placement to kickstart their career in medicine.

It is a big commitment to be away from your loved ones across the globe for a long period of time. You can make a difference internationally for marginalised communities without committing long-term. We will be looking at International Medical Aid who like Doctors Without Borders are lenient in their criteria for medical students increasing the chances of getting accepted.

International Medical Aid

International Medical Aid offers internships to highly academic medical students providing premium health care services to marginalised communities across the world. It is one of the most reasonably priced from the selection. Since 2012, this organisation has provided the finest volunteering experiences for pre-med and pre-pa students through their program, “Adventures Beyond Medicine.” They have medical opportunities across the Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, Peru, Tanzania, and Uganda. They provide work in dietetics, mental health, midwifery, physical therapy, public health, pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, pre-nursing, and pre-PA.

Students can take control of your trip and understanding everything that is going on during your volunteer experience. This is a good program because they know where their money is going, getting rid of any feelings of doubt from their mind. If you are looking for an adventurous and educational experience in medicine, this is a good program to apply to.

The benefits of International Medical Aid

Guided by extensively experienced mentors

International Medical Aid allow pre-med and pre-pa students make a global impact in medicine without spending too much money through their services. Students are provided with an itinerary in the chosen country, making sure they get the most out of the experience.

International Medical Aid focuses on tailoring placements based on the skills and experience of the medical students. This makes sure their skills do not go to waste and be able to perform under any medical emergency post-graduation. The organization has physician mentors who can guide the volunteers throughout their internship, making sure they have some who will support and teach.

Your mentors will provide thoroughly detailed and intensive training sections learning infection control and location-specific orientations. This way, you’ll have the ability to be prepared before you step into the country and handle any emergency that arises. You will feel at peace knowing you have someone with you to guide you along the way.

Get one-on-one advice on medical school admissions.

By joining International Medical Aid, students are provided with advice to help them get through medical school with ease. They offer to counsel for medical school admissions to see what they need to stand out from other people applying to medical school.

This allows you to get practical experience to make your application more appealing than the other applicants increasing your chances to get in. You will get advice on how you can make your application look better than your peers. This increases your ability to go to your chosen medical school. In addition to helping with your application, your mentors will be able to help you prep for an interview. You will get the practice by shooting potential questions you may get in the real interview. You will learn the tips and tricks to accessing the interview so you can stay calm when the time comes.


If you are concerned about your safety, traveling overseas, International Medical Aid promises that you will receive the best care from our security staff. These staff members are trained in providing excellent security without getting in the way of your volunteering experience. International Medical Aid will be able to provide you with accident and travel insurance without any additional charges.

You will be accompanied by experienced security even as you leave your community, keeping you safe in your chosen country. They have the tools and experience to know how to keep students safe during a crisis.

Internships available with International Medical Aid

Medicine/Pre-Medicine Internship

This volunteering experience will help pre-medicine students have the chance to help marginalised individuals from around the world. Students can gain insights into the medical profession across the globe heightening their medical experience against their peers. In comparison to a placement in the hospital, students will quickly pick up different medical practices which in turn make your application more advanced.

Physician Assistant/ Pre-PA Internship

International Medical Aid provides volunteering experiences for Physician students to get a world class education on the industry. Students definitely advance your skills on a whole other level having to juggle working in an international health care setting. As International Medical Aid has a network of many different private and public medical facilities, students will be able to have an experience overseas that is tailored to their skills and preferences.

There are a variety of internship programs that you can kick-start your career in medicine!

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