130 doctors take part in medical education event

As many as 130 doctors attended a continuos medical education (CME) programme here yesterday. The programme was organised by the Indian Medical Association in association with a leading hospital.

Dr Pankaj Goel, director, cardio-thoracic surgery, delivered a talk on the current status of heart surgery in Amritsar while elaborating on how heart surgery had progressed in the city over past 15 years.

Dr Ritesh K Gupta, cardiologist, talked about acute pulmonary embolism. He said this is a life- threatening condition where one faces breathing difficulty suddenly with low blood pressure due to a blockage in lung arteries. This problem is seen, especially after recent surgery. He also explained a new technique to treat acute pulmonary embolism.

Dr Sumit Mahajan, senior orthopaedic surgeon, talked about the osteoarthritic knee and knee problem. He said high-end replacement procedures, for which patients had to travel long distances or even abroad, were now available in the city.

With the advancement in minimal invasive techniques, computer navigation, geriatric anesthesia, lesser blood loss, the total knee replacement surgery in elderly patients is possible, he said.

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