National commendation for the Trust’s Medical Education Team

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Maggie Johnson The Medical Education Team within Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust will receive national commendation from the General Medical Council (GMC) for their project called the Medical Education Reviewers (MER) process.

The MER process makes sure the trainers whom oversee doctors in training, continually develop through feedback and that they use reflective practice in their role as trainers. As well as national commendation 15 other Trusts across the north-west have expressed an interest in implementing the process.

Maggie Johnson, Medical Education & Development Manager for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: “Each year trainers have to submit evidence to meet GMC trainer standards and we wanted to make this effective by encouraging trainers to self-reflect. The MER process is a really innovative approach to underpin the educational development of the trainers’ evidence using reflective practice and developmental feedback.

“This focus underpins lifelong learning and embodies the Trust’s vison and values to ensure a better experience for medical students and PG trainees which ultimately deliver better patient safety, experience and care both now and in the future.”

Medical Education recently delivered a regional masterclass on the trust’s Medical Education Reviewers process and in early 2016 it will be included in the GMC guidance as notable practice.

Dr Sam Dearman, Director of Medical Education for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: “I am naturally delighted and proud that the GMC will be including our Medical Education Reviewers Process as notable practice. It is another example of our department, and our trust, hitting way above our weight.

“MER puts solid educational principles at its core, rather than being a limited exercise in compliance. Medical education includes not only the team but critically all the doctors whom also work as trainers and teachers, we have a lot of talented and committed people. Although we developed MER as a team, it is the brain child of our Medical Education & Development Manager Mrs Maggie Johnson, I certainly can’t do my job without her and the trust is very lucky to have her.”

Maggie added: “The MER project has given the whole team an opportunity to be creative and generate ground-breaking solutions and is truly a team effort and achievement translating the vision and ideas into a practical sustainable solution.”