Ireland: A world-class medical education destination

TRADITIONALLY known as the ‘Island of Saints and Scholars’, Ireland is recognised the world over for its educational excellence. Top students from Malaysia have been pursuing their studies in Ireland for over 75 years, with their favoured field of study being medicine and dentistry.

Currently there are over 800 students in the Irish medical education system, and there are several thousand doctors, surgeons and specialists now practicing in Malaysia and the wider Asean region who have spent their formative education years in Ireland.

In every university in Ireland, there is a vibrant Malaysian community on which new students can depend and find comfort from. Aside from the support of the universities and the community, the Malaysian Embassy in Dublin, Irish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, and Irish Government agencies such as Enterprise Ireland, are all supportive of new students travelling to Ireland.

Ireland has always maintained a strong tradition of excellence in education; as a consequence of this, Ireland, though a relatively small country, has produced a remarkable number of world-famous individuals in the science and arts fields.

Irish institutions have produced many pioneers in the sciences such as Robert Boyle, who is credited with the creation of Boyle’s Law, and widely regarded as the father of modern chemistry. Irish writers are world-famous. James Joyce wrote the definitive modern novel Ulysses, Bram Stocker’s Dracula continues to fascinate after many generations, while the fertile wit of Oscar Wilde continues to inspire today’s young writers.

Currently there are over 800 students in the Irish medical education system, and there are several thousand doctors, surgeons and specialists now practising in Malaysia and the wider Asean region

Nobel Prize winners in literature from Ireland include Samuel Beckett, GB Shaw, WB Yeats and most recently, Seamus Heaney. In recent years, U2 and Boyzone and many Irish actors, such as Colin Farrell and Liam Neason, have gained worldwide fame.

An Irish education extends beyond equipping the student with academic knowledge, embracing the ethos of challenging students to step out of structured rote learning and to develop their thought processes. Strong partnerships between the universities and industry ensure a highly relevant course curriculum that is closely aligned to industry developments, making Irish graduates highly sought-after globally.

With beautiful scenery, a very vibrant local culture, and genuinely warm hospitality, it is no wonder that Ireland has become a destination of choice for young people from around the world who are seeking a top quality educational experience.

The Irish Universities and Medical Schools Consortium (IUMC) – comprised of the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), Trinity College Dublin (TCD), University College Cork (UCC) and University College Dublin (UCD) – is the single point of contact for students from Malaysia and the wider region wishing to study medicine and dentistry in Ireland.

The IUMC universities are renowned for their academic excellence and tradition of innovation in the medical sciences and a culture of encouraging a broader outlook on learning. With IUMC, you will be getting more than an education – expect to be inspired to learn and realise your potential!