Changing the face of medical education

Changing the face of medical education

DECADES may have passed, but medicine and dentistry remain hot career choices for young Malaysians leaving high school. While career choice can often be easy to make, driven by the student’s inner passion and drive, often, the same cannot be said in choosing the higher education institution where they can pursue their studies.

To start strong, a firm foundation is of utmost importance, because this puts students in the right position for growth and development, as well as building a sound future – not only in their studies but also in their future careers.

Proven track record

With over three dozen medical schools in Malaysia to choose from, Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM) which was formerly known as Melaka-Manipal Medical College, is miles ahead as a top medical school.

Since its inception, over 6000 medical and over 400 dental surgeons have been delivered to both the Malaysian and overseas international health systems, with many alumni progressing successfully into specialist careers of their choosing.

As a university college, MUCM’s twinning programmes will evolve into fully Malaysia home-grown programmes.

Strong Pre-clinical Knowledge and Exposure
With anatomy being a key subject in pre-clinical years, MUCM’s first task was to set up a fully equipped Anatomy Laboratory which features genuine cadaveric learning experience equipped with fully digitalized laboratory facilities, including 3D online models, applications, and extended reality experience using Anatomage table which involves learning through augmented reality. The lab is compartmentalised into few sectors which include cadaveric storage room, dissection room, and specimen display room (plastinated and plastic model).

MUCM’s student will be provided with cadaveric learning experience, provides the students with a feel of structures that will enhance their surgical knowledge of the human body. Engaging with cadavers also teaches the students to show respect to the human body.

Students learning anatomy through augmented reality in the Anatomy Laboratory.

Real-world Career Preparation

In the Clinical years of study, MUCM’s students are placed at the Ministry of Health’s hospitals in Melaka, Muar, Jasin, Segamat, and government polyclinics which provide the settings for clinical skills training. With a curriculum structured to be completed by the end of Semester 9, MUCM’s students spend their final semester in a role that mirrors their future housemanship experience. This exposure ensures they are ready when called for Housemanship and can shine in their first job.

Dentistry students will perfect their clinical skills in MUCM’s very own on-campus Dental Clinic, offering training in all disciplines of dentistry. With a student-dental chair ratio of almost 1:1, coupled with a patient pool of over 30,000 per year, students will not be short of opportunities to develop and finetune their dental skills under the watchful eyes of highly experienced lecturers and professors from the industry. This opportunity to work one-on-one with patients brings about a quiet confidence in students as they prepare to lead their practice in the future.

Clear pathway
For fresh SPM-leavers, a pathway programme is provided via the Foundation in Science programme. In a uniquely designed 12-month programme, students will be prepared to excel in an MBBS or BDS as subjects are specifically chosen to deepen a student’s existing science knowledge so that they have a strong headstart in their later years of undergraduate studies. Students in the foundation programme who meet entry requirements are given assured progression into either the MBBS or BDS programmes.

Lifelong learning support
It is impressed upon students upon graduation that they have just stepped on the first rung of the medical profession. As the oft-wrought cliché goes, learning is lifelong, and no less true is this in the medical arena. In a future where technology dictates, those skills that are distinctly human will be among the most valuable and it is these skills that are enriched through postgraduate study.

Considering how vital this is, MUCM frequently organises workshops for the various international licensing examinations as well as specialisation programmes at its campus in Melaka, so that students can prepare for them before graduation with minimal travel involved from their ongoing routine.

Balanced lifestyle
Since its inception, MUCM has successfully integrated the Manipal ethos into its Malaysian curriculum, faculty, and students.

The facilities in both the Manipal and Melaka campuses are second to none in that they fully provide for holistic education – academic as well as social. In Manipal, students can join clubs for music and fine arts, enjoy literary pursuits, meditation, yoga, debating, photography and language classes. Also, the campus has playgrounds and courts for cricket, hockey, football, tennis, basketball, badminton, and volleyball, as well as swimming pools, gyms, and an athletics track.

The pursuit of medicine or dentistry is a marathon, not a sprint. As such, parents and students are invited to visit Manipal University College Malaysia and experience life as a future Manipalite for themselves.